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Whether you are a performer, song writer, musician, or producer, learn what you need to build a thriving career in the music industry.

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What You Will Learn In This 6-Week Class

Music Blueprint gives you proven strategies that you can implement to make money, attract attention and create loyal fans. Our 6-week learning program is a mix of learning, support, and realtime feedback. We also provide some powerful tools to help you on your journey.


How To Make Money With A Music Tour

Learn the behind the scenes management of creating your own music tour. 


Music Venue List for the USA

Contact information and popular tour maps to plan your tour


Social Media Strategies To Create Your "Super Fans"

Expand your audience and grow your fan base. There is a right and wrong way to use Social Media. We’ll show you how to get resuts. 


Creating a professional website for your music career

Save thousands of dollars creating a dynamic website for your music career. We’ll show you step-by-step how you can get a website or build your own without breaking the bank. 


Making Money on Streaming Platforms

Learn what it takes to get setup, market and earn using streaming platforms.


Making Money on Merch

How to add merchandise and market it correctly to increase your fan base and make extra money.


Text Marketing System for Singers & Musicians

Learn the platform to use and the system to use text messaging to engage your fans, sell more, and create a constant income stream.


How to sell concert tickets

Learn strategies to promote your performances and book your events.


& So Much More...

We will show you how to make money as a songwriter, backup musician, concert promoter, music teacher, and band member.  

Bonuses For This Upcoming Class


EPK Examples


Email Templates, Call Scripts & Outreach Docs


Tour Pricing Calculator


Top 40 Radio Grid


Marketing Templates & Brand Building Docs


3-Months Free Website Builder

You won’t find a more comprehensive learning program to help you make music your full time career. It’s hard making a living in the music industry, but you don’t have to be a starving artist. With the right tools and strategies, you can make great money while building your career.

As a singer, songwriter or musician, this is one of the best 6-week investments you can make

Music Blueprint is the key to fast-tracking your success in the music industry. We teach our students how to make a living, build a thriving career and do what they love. We’ll show you how to make money in this business and provide tips and tricks to propel your career forward.  

I love Music Blueprint because the information given out is real. A lot of people try to sell you “Fast Track” ways to do well within the industry and it’s unhelpful. Music blueprint uses personal experience and advice from other influencers to help create effective ways to further your career. One of the co-founders of Music blueprint is also run by a fellow artist in the music industry who wants to create an environment to help and encourage others. She is honest, real, and might I add funny. I ighly recommend Music Blueprint.
– Lauren Spencer-Smith

Thank God for Music Blueprint, finally there’s a place where a musician can go to learn how to use their talent to create income.

– Kevin Booth

All my friends told me I was crazy, trying to support myself through music.  After years of failing, I was starting to think they may be right?  Then a friend of mine turned me on to Music Blueprint.  Now I’m making good money, and I’m doing what I want to do.  Thanks Music Blueprint, for showing me the way!

– David Ponte

For years I struggled trying to make it on my own.  Doing all kinds of work I hated.  Then I found Music Blueprint.  Finally I’m making good money, using my musical talent.  Thanks Music Blueprint, for helping me stand on my own two feet!

– LaRue

I was about to give up my dream of making a living, through music.  I knew in my heart I could do it, but I just didn’t know how.  Then I came across Music Blueprint.  For the first time, I’m making money using my musical skills!

– Gene

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